Our Objectives and Major Strategies

 Strategic Goals

 To strengthen human and other resources(for better services delivery).

  • To upgrade the standard of the departments ( for better education delivery ).
  • To extend professional and academic programs.
  • To develop infrastructures.
  • To improve community relation.
  • To extend extra-curricular activities and student welfare.
  • To achieve QAA.


  • Prepare efficient manpower (to meet the need of contemporary society).
  • Equip the collage with modern technology and the other equipment.
  • Extend new programs and subjects in Bachelors and Masters degree.
  • Involve the deprived (privileged and socially excluded group people ) group people in the educational stream.
  • Establish mutual relation with the community.
  • Manage educational environment marginalized people, ethnic groups, Dalits.
  • Effectiveness of EMIS.